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5 Things To Know About The Hustle


I always thought the films that opened during the Summer Movie Season were the movies that studios believed in because they were really entertaining and could engage audiences for weeks. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case these days and The Hustle starring Anne Hathaway and Rebel Wilson is the latest in a string of bad movies that somehow end up securing a Summer spot that should go to a more worthy comedy. 

5 Things To Know About The Hustle

  1. Ann Hathaway’s accent is hard to understand. In her first scene, I thought it was just part of her con, but sadly it wasn’t. 
  2. If you have watched the trailer for the film, then you have pretty much seen all the somewhat funny parts. 
  3. I really like the premise, but the script doesn’t play to the strength of the actresses. 
  4. Thankfully, the film is only an hour and 34 minutes.
  5. The ending sets up a sequel 

The Hustle opens May 10th. The film also stars Alex Sharp. 

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