Parkville Jewelers Gives Gems New Life

Parkville Jewelers just finished celebrating 20 years in business. But many of the pieces owner Troy Wilson and his talented, creative team work their magic on are far older than the store.

Yes, Parkville Jewelers offers the popular brands and pieces a customer would expect—rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, pendants and watches. And they also do watch, clock and jewelry repair. But what really sets the jewelry store apart is the custom work. 

Wilson said, “We do a lot of remakes. People get an inheritance of jewelry, an heirloom that’s being handed down, but it’s not their style, so we’ll take what they have and restyle it for them so they enjoy it and can wear it for the future.”

Wilson enjoys the customers who come in with several pieces of jewelry inherited from family members and want to put all the stones together in one piece. He recalls one customer who brought in some loose stones and wanted to make a piece for her daughter for her wedding. “She wanted a star,” he said, “and we were able to design a star and incorporate all the diamonds into that star for her wedding.”

Although more and more customers are making their jewelry purchases online, Wilson views that trend as an opportunity to niche his repair and custom business. “People can’t get service online. But here we do it. I see the service part of the jewelry industry growing and that’s the direction I want to focus more on.”

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